What is Acupressure?

Acupressure therapy is similar to acupuncture but does not use needles. Therapists use fingers, thumbs or knuckles to stimulate specific points or “acupoints” along the body.

The type of Acupressure therapy offered at Wellbeing Clinic Belfast is called Seated Acupressure. Throughout the treatment you will:

    • Sit on a specially designed Acupressure Seat.
    • Remain fully clothed, as Seated Acupressure is applied over the clothes.

A variety of massage techniques and pressure point work will then be then be applied to your back, shoulders, neck and head areas to make you feel relaxed and energised!

The Benefits of Acupressure Therapy?

    • Quick and effective!
    • You will feel relaxed and energised!
    • It works!
    • No oils are needed!

..and there is more…

    • It is an immediate stress buster
    • Lowers and normalises the pulse count
    • Increases the circulation to all parts of the body, specifically back, neck, head and shoulders.
    • Unravels tense aches and muscles
    • Stretches tense aching muscles
    • Relieves minor aches and pains
    • Smoothes and balances the nervous system
    • …plus…if utilised on a regular basis Seated Acupressure can help to prevent minor conditions developing into more serious illnesses!

Giving you Value for Money!

Seated acupressure is commonly used for staff in corporate organisations due to it being a time saving treatment that works!